The Joe's Flies "Hot-4-Trout 4 pack!

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The Joe's Flies "Hot-4-Trout  4 pack!  

   It's no secret that  Joe's Flies 1/4oz "Super-Strikers" have been responsible for catching more State/National record Trout than any of our lures.  If your intention is to catch and document a Citation Trout or just have an awesome day, read on!   

   Our goal with the Hot-4-Trout  4 pack is to take the guesswork out of the purchase and provide lures that cover a variety of Trout fishing scenarios. Keep this in mind when selecting the perfect gift for your favorite angler.   

    Founded in 1961, over 60 years of trout fishing dedication has provided the  "Super-Striker" with the necessary elements to Attract and "Hook and Hold" a Trophy Trout.  These spinner flies feature a improved Colorado Size #3.5 blade in Gold or Nickel finish coupled with a carefully chosen fly to emulate the TROUT'S natural food source.  

  • Includes 4 each 1/4 oz. Premium  Spinner-flies.
  • Gold and Nickel Spinner Blades chosen to compliment color combination. 
  • Proven for Trout but effective yet effective on pan-fish and bass.
  • Exclusive "Trailing Treble provides increased hook and hold. 
  • Integrated weight +3.5 Improved Colorado blade = perfect retrieve.
  • IMPORTANT! Cast the Super-Stiker upstream and retrieve "SLOWLY"! Just fast enough to keep the spinner blade rotating. This lure is designed to retrieve slower than any other inline. This gives the Trout more time to react which equals increased opportunity and increased STRIKES!                                                                                                                                                                    

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