Poacher-Pak 4 Pack

Poacher-Pak 4 Pack

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Here is our four pack of 1/4 oz. premium flies. Perfect for every fisherman or woman who loves to chase trout, pan-fish or bass in stream or lakes with light tackle, these spinner flies feature inline spinner harness with a blade and an large hand-tied fly. Plus, each of the flies included in this multi-pack are outfitted with a main hook and trailing treble which is certain to stick half-hearted strikers.

  • Includes 4 1/4 oz. Premium Varying Spinner-flies
  • Perfect for light tackle rigs
  • Proven for trout, pan-fish and bass
  • Inline spinner harness with large fly
  • Size 3.5 Colorado blades gold, nickel, or painted

 Please Note that the flies & spinners in your pack may vary from those pictured

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