Jim Ambrose Crushing The Smallmouth

"Back in the 60's my Dad used to order a dozen of your spitfires and pick them up when he worked over that way. Back then they had a trout season. Spitfire was the only spinner he ever used. I think I have everyone you ever made.  Thank you for producing such a high quality lure"



  • I fish the Fox River in Illinois and I can’t tell how multi-species days of fishing I’ve had: Walleye, SMB, Flathead, Gills and Perch. Love the build quality…Keep up the good work!!! Super Striker White Miller & Bonzi are fantastic!! Do you have any shirts or hats?

    Chris Verthein on
  • I just retired from the Navy. 21.5 years. Been using these since last year. They are awesome. Used them last year at Wishon Reservoir and caught a lot of trout. Also to the Aqua Duct and smashed large mouth bass and bluegill. Took them Back this year to Wishon Reservoirs, and a buddy caught our limit the fishiest day. Biggest was 19 1/2 rainbow. Smallest 13. Thank you for making such a great product.

    Nic on
  • Caught our limits using the 1/4 ounce gold with brown fly, biggest was an 18 inch Rainbow biggest I have caught in a long time. Thanks for making a great product that produces results.

    Michael Mackewich on
  • Fished with these all my life; best way to trout fish. They can’t resist!

    Brent W on

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