Jim Ambrose Crushing The Smallmouth

"Back in the 60's my Dad used to order a dozen of your spitfires and pick them up when he worked over that way. Back then they had a trout season. Spitfire was the only spinner he ever used. I think I have everyone you ever made.  Thank you for producing such a high quality lure"



  • Man if you wanna catch some trout throw a joe’s fly. Me and my buddy pulled at least thirty out of the doe in East Tn I always called these the fish magnet.

    Nathan Painter on
  • Nice article. I’m glad to see another Ambrose enjoys fishing. My dad taught me how to fish with spinners. I have caught more WV and Maryland trout on Joe’s Flies, especially Potomac Coachmen then any other trout spinner. I just retired and living in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Since retirement, I’m finally able to do a lot of fishing. Getting ready to place an order for some Joe Flies and head to the trout streams. Great Spinners!

    Tim Ambrose on
  • been using for 40 years its the only thing i use when stream fishing in WV,PA,COLORADO, Utah,Maryland always can count on catching trout with this lure Thanks

    Butch Thompson on
  • I’ve been fishing trout fishing with Joe’s spinners for 40 years I have caught a lot of trout with them .I like the muddler gold blade i fish a lot of smaller rivers in Virginia and the 1/16 oz works great on brooks, rainbow, brown, and tiger trout thanks for a great lure and a lot of good memories fishing with family and friends.hope one day they put out a tee shirt or hat would ware it proudly thanks

    Charles Cave on
  • Do you make Crappie Lures?
    I live in North Florida on a shallow Blake ( average depth 12’).
    Anything to heavy will get grassed up .
    Thank You

    Grady Cunningham on

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