Jim Ambrose Crushing The Smallmouth

"Back in the 60's my Dad used to order a dozen of your spitfires and pick them up when he worked over that way. Back then they had a trout season. Spitfire was the only spinner he ever used. I think I have everyone you ever made.  Thank you for producing such a high quality lure"



  • Fishing with Joe’s Flies is a family tradition starting with my Uncle Charles from Parkersburg, WVa (God rest his soul). My cousins all fish with them as do my brothers. Fortunately, my children enjoy fishing and recognize how exceptional Joe’s Flies are. My grandchildren are next in line to become Joe Fanatics.
    Tight Lines,

    Ric Alexander on
  • I’ve been using Joe’s Flies spinners for about 20 years now after a coworker told me about them and have caught my two biggest trout here in western North Carolina; a 24” rainbow on a short striker and a 23 “ brown this past spring on a 1/4 ounce super striker. I really like the 1/8 ounce four thinner water but don’t see those available anymore. What’s up with that? I hope they are not gone for good.

    Bob O’Keefe on
  • Do you make your flies in 3/8 oz.

    Russ Haley on
  • Man if you wanna catch some trout throw a joe’s fly. Me and my buddy pulled at least thirty out of the doe in East Tn I always called these the fish magnet.

    Nathan Painter on
  • Nice article. I’m glad to see another Ambrose enjoys fishing. My dad taught me how to fish with spinners. I have caught more WV and Maryland trout on Joe’s Flies, especially Potomac Coachmen then any other trout spinner. I just retired and living in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Since retirement, I’m finally able to do a lot of fishing. Getting ready to place an order for some Joe Flies and head to the trout streams. Great Spinners!

    Tim Ambrose on

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