3 Pack - Short Striker Size #10 (ON-SALE!)

3 Pack - Short Striker Size #10 (ON-SALE!)

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Here is our 3 pack of Size #10 premium flies. Perfect for every fisherman or woman who loves to chase Mountain Trout or Smallmouth in streams with ultra light tackle. These spinner flies feature size #0 inline spinner and a Size #10 hand-tied fly. Plus, each of the flies included in this 3-pack are outfitted with a main hook and trailing treble which is certain to Hook and Hold Short Striking fish. Of course each feature our "EZ Clip" Spinner which allows you to tie on once and change fly patterns in seconds at the flick of your wrist 

  • Includes 3  Premium  Spinner-flies
  • Perfect for Ultra tackle.
  • Proven for Trout, Smallmouth.
  • Inline spinner harness with a delicate hand tied fly. 
  • Size #0 Colorado blades gold and/or Nickel.

Please Note that the pattern and color of flies and blade finish (gold or nickel) in your pack may vary from those pictured.

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